Using your Oyako Ring Sling


Read This First

While ring slings are a simple and versatile way to carry your baby, there are a few tips and tricks that will make things easier.  Read and view all the following instructions, and make sure baby is rested, fed, and changed before trying it the first time.  As with any baby carrier, it might take a little getting used to for both mum and bub, but I’m sure you will find the effort very worthwhile!

Safe Slinging...

It is important to observe the following precautions when using any baby sling:

  1. Baby’s face and nose must remain uncovered and fully visible to the wearer at all times.*

  2. Baby should not remain curled or hunched with their chin on their chest.*  (Allow room for 1-2 fingers under baby’s chin to ensure their airways remain open - especially important for infants under 4 months old.)

  3. After nursing baby in a sling, change their position so that their face
    is turned upward, away from the sling fabric and the mother’s body.*

  4. Extra care is required when bending over, squatting, etc., or when moving through doorways or narrow spaces.

  5. Never drink hot drinks while carrying or holding your baby.

  6. Regularly check to ensure that your child is comfortable and safe. 

Ring Slings are safe and comfortable when used properly.  It is your responsibility to ensure that baby is safe when putting them in and wearing them in any sling or carrier (see “Conditions of Sale”).

* Advice given in U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission report 12/3/2010.

Care Instructions

Your Oyako Ring Sling can be machine washed in cold water on gentle cycle, and line dried. Always unthread the sling before washing, and if available, use a washing bag to avoid the sling getting tangled or yanked in the machine.  Check baby carriers before every use, and do not use if the seams or fabric are worn or ripped.

1. Lay the sling flat with the INSIDE fabric facing up, and bring the rings in towards the middle:

How to Thread a Ring Sling

2. Thread the tail through both rings (from the underside), and pull through until the sling is the desired size:

3. Bring the tail back over the first ring, and thread it through the second ring.  Keep the fabric as evenly spread as possible:

4. Fan the tail out, making sure the edges of the sling are at the outer edges of the gathered fabric (this makes it easier to adjust):

Your sling is now ready to put on!

Once threaded to the correct size, your sling will only need minor adjustments.  There is no need to unthread between uses other than to wash it.

In this video:

Helpful Tips

Hip Carry  (1:45)

Tummy to Tummy  (2:50)

Cradle / Nursing Carry  (3:50)

Kangaroo Carry  (5:10)

(This video is provided as a guide only, and should be used in compliance with all other relevant instructions and conditions provided on this website.)