Comfort, strength, versatility...          

  1. Lightly padded shoulder and waist straps comfortably distribute baby’s weight over your shoulders, back and hips.  The waistband incorporates a high quality, quick-release buckle, so only the shoulder straps need to be “tied”.

  2. Easily fits different sized wearers (waist size approximately 68cm to 120cm).

  3. Suitable from birth to toddlerhood (approx. 15kg).

  4. Baby’s bottom, back and thighs are all supported  (rather than all their weight being concentrated on their crotch and spine as with many modern carriers.

  5. Padded wind block / head support (for smaller babies) which can be folded down when not in use. 

  6. Reversible to show either the pattern or solid colour on the outside.

  7. Made with 100% cotton body and straps (patterned panel may vary).

Price:      Regular Straps  NZ $85

                Longer Straps   NZ $89


Step 1- Choose a colour for the body and straps.

Design your own Oyako Mei Tai
in 3 easy steps:

2. Choose a patterned panel to match.

1. Choose a solid colour for the body and straps.

3. Contact me to place an order (Make note of the names of the fabrics you choose).

(Click on a thumbnail to view a larger image)

Step 2- Choose a matching panel.  Suggested matches are indicated with
                letters (A,B,C, etc.) corresponding with the colours above.

Regular strap length will fit most wearers for front and back carries if tied under the bottom (as pictured).  If you are size 14+ and prefer to cross the straps under the bottom and tie on the other side of the body (eg. in front of you for a back carry), we recommend requesting longer straps.

Step 3 - Contact us to place an order.
(Make note of the names of the fabrics you choose).