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1. Conditions of Sale:

  1. Oyako products are made to a high quality standard.  Every effort is made to ensure their safety and durability.  The instructions provided on this site are a guide only, and it is up to the user of the Oyako product to ensure that it (the product) is used in a safe manner.  By purchasing or using any Oyako product you agree that Oyako Designs, Emily Ta’ala and Joanne Ta’ala are not responsible for any accidents or injury involving the use / misuse of said products.  Baby carriers should be checked before each use to ensure they are in good condition, and should not be used if there are any signs of damage.  NEVER leave your child unsupervised with any infant carrier that has straps (including Mei Tais). Doing so could lead to strangulation and death.  Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns about this agreement, or about any aspect of any Oyako product.

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2. Shipping:  $5.50 shipping anywhere in New Zealand.

  1. All orders will be shipped within 2 weeks of receipt of payment.

  2. All items are delivered by Parcel Post.



3. International Orders (can only be made from inside New Zealand):

  1. For items to be shipped outside New Zealand, payment can ONLY be made by bank transfer into our New Zealand bank account. 

  2. These orders will be sent by Air Mail, taking 3-14 business days.  Please contact us to confirm delivery cost for international destinations.

4. Payment Options:

  1. Payment can only be made by bank transfer, in New Zealand.  Unfortunately we do not have any facilities for processing credit card payments.

5. Wholesale Enquiries:

  1. Wholesale orders cannot be accepted at this time.

  1. 1. Conditions of Sale

  2. 2. Shipping

  3. 3. International Orders

  4. 4. Payment Method

  5. 5. Wholesale Enquiries